Impressions of my trips to Japan

My first trip to Japan with my quilter friend Verena Matter in 2009 was a wonderful experience, and I immediately felt at home in that country and among its people. Every aspect of their culture intrigued and fascinated me. So I felt extremely lucky when the two of us were invited by Bernina Japan to teach workshops in several Japanese cities! The plan was to go there in November 2011, but the disaster in Northern Japan in March of that year changed everything. Touched by the misery of the thousands of victims, we made a call to collect quilts for them among Swiss Quilters and were finally able to send more than 200 warm quilts to Japan. We were very happy to go on our planned trip in the fall of that same year, and I was deeply impressed by the solidarity that the Japanese people and also many people from abroad expressed for the poor victims of the disaster.

Besides the numerous quilts, we also received enough money to be able to donate 14 second-hand sewing machines to several groups in the Tōhoku area. Our trip in October/November 2013 included a visit to these people in the devastated areas and left a deep impression on us!

Our reports JAPAN 2011 and JAPAN 2013 convey our gratitude to all who showed their sympathy to the Japanese people!