Learning to sew on my mother’s old machine at a very young age, I soon discovered that this was something that would accompany me my whole life. Not as my main bread job, but as a hobby and later – as my great passion! I started to sew my own clothes.

Later, over 35 years ago, I discovered the art of quilting on a trip through Canada when I stumbled upon a superb exhibition of antique Amish quilts. I started sewing traditional quilts but soon left that field and made my own designs. I expanded my knowledge in color and design theories and practice with famous quilt and art teachers in Europe and the United States.

My work is about expressing my inner feelings and my reaction to nature, music, trips, etc. They are meant to draw the eye of the viewer and to touch his sense of harmony. My work is always about color, I like clear, strong and pure colors and basic shapes.

During the past few years, my work has been influenced by my fascination for Japan, and I am trying to get a grasp of its wonderful culture by travelling the country as often as possible and learning the difficult language.

Since 1992, when I won my first award for a quilt at the American Craft Museum in New York, I have entered many contests at home and abroad and was happy to present my work to the public many times.

I was a board member of the Swiss Patchwork Association from 1995 to 2003 and was their international representative. In 2011 I co-founded the Textile Art Forum Switzerland TAF with some of my artist friends. I am an active member of the Zurich Quilters.

Born in Lucerne in 1954, I took a degree as a translator and worked in that field until I became a mother of two children. My husband and I now live near Zurich and enjoy seeing our two wonderful grand-daughters as often as possible. They have given my life new priorities, but working with textiles has remained a passion!